Friday, October 04, 2002

Essence of Patience!!! I waited and waited n asked God when will it come......He Replied......

Hello All!! First, I would like to thank Allah S.W.T for I have got a JOB at last, Syukur Alhamdullilah.....Also My FAMILY,....George,......Thanx to my dear gorgeous ex-schoolmate Aidil, I owe u one. Thank you EZ.....for ur divine support.....May Ezra be blessed with more black cows. Thanx to my bros for supporting me. I will be starting on the 09th October 2002. To those yet to get a Job, hang on...something is coming up for u.........
A business man met a beautiful girl and asked her to spend the night with him for $500. And she did. Before he left in the morning, he told her that he did not have any cash with him, but that he would have his secretary write a check and mail it to her, calling the payment "RENT FOR APARTMENT." On the way to the office, he regretted what he had done realizing that the whole event was not worth the price. So he had his secretary send a check for $250 and enclosed a note: Dear Madam: Enclosed find a check in the amount of $250 for the rent of your apartment. I am not sending the amount agreed upon because when I rented the apartment I was under the impression that: (1) it had never been occupied; (2) that there was plenty of heat; (3) that it was small enough to make me cozy and at home. Last night, however, I found out that it had been previously occupied, that there wasn't any heat, and that it was entirely too large.

Upon receipt of the note, the girl immediately returned the check for $250 with the following note: Dear Sir, First of all, I cannot understand how you expect a beautiful apartment to remain unoccupied indefinitely. As for the heat, there is plenty of it if you know how to turn it on. Regarding the space, the apartment is indeed of regular size, but if you don't have enough furniture to fill it, please don't blame the landlord.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

HR Managers
WAFANGKULO......To those big time bastards n bitches who sits on their chair and call themselves director of Human Resources or human resources managers.....Its sickening and really demotivating, to have gone thru an interview with a company who has a high profile in the industry. The recruitment managers themselves look like loan sharks and they speak longkang english, they pretend that they know everything but when its time i ask them questions bout the company.....MY GOD.....if the GM comes to know bout them being dumbfounded or totally going off point, then another Yellow Bastard Son of A Lamp Post would become the next HR Manager and things would carry on the same........Wake Up Singapore!!!!!!.........Everybody deserves a chance and do not turn the country into an Yellow polluted nation.
SEPT 11......BIG DEAL!!!!!!
NEW YORK (AZZAM): As the World gears up to mark the first anniversary of the 11 September attacks, we would like to pay tribute to the innocent victims of terrorism: innocent men, women and children who have been brutally murdered without any crime, without any television channel to mention their plight, without any magazine to print their photos, without any newspaper to list
their biographies and without any cotton quilts to carry their name patches.

On this day, we remember the 121,237 Iraqi Muslim babies who have died in these last twelve months (World Heath Organisation statistics) as a direct result of American-imposed sanctions on Iraq, preventing critical child-medicines from reaching Iraqi hospitals. Three times as many Iraqi babies die every month as a result of these sanctions, than were killed in the 11 September 2001 attacks.

On this day, we remember the 31,202 Afghan Muslim civilians who have been brutally murdered since October 2001, by American warplanes indiscriminately bombing their villages, houses, mosques, hospitals and wedding parties. Ten times as many innocent Afghans have been killed by Americans than were killed in the 11 September 2001 attacks.

On this day, we remember the 6084 Indian Muslims killed and burnt in cold-blooded killing orgies organised by the Indian government in Gujarat, during the last twelve months.

On this day, we remember the 5078 Chechen Muslim civilians who have been killed by Russian aerial bombing during the last twelve months, having been given a green light by the American 'War on Terror'.

On this day, we remember the 3039 Palestinian Muslims who have been murdered by Americans (via weapons held in the hands of Israeli soldiers) since September 2001.

On this day, we remember the 2170 Uzbek Muslims who have been taken away from their homes by the American-backed Karimov Government in the middle of the night, never to be seen again.

On this day, we remember the 1473 Chinese Muslims who have been executed in public after having been forced to drink alcohol and the flesh of swine, in the East Turkestan (Muslim) region of China.

On this day, we remember the 1399 Kashmiri Muslims murdered and the 852 gang-rapes carried out by Hindu and Sikh soldiers in Occupied Kashmir.

On this day, we remember the 1261 Indonesian Muslims massacred by Christians in the Maluku region of Indonesia, having been supplied with M-16 assault rifles, rocket launchers and funds by the Netherlands.

On this day, we remember the 598 Muslim, Mujahid prisoners being kept in small cages in Guantanamo Bay, after their beards were forcibly shaved, their hands and feet were bound and their eyes and ears were covered, in conditions where they are subject to malaria, heatstroke and other tropical diseases.

On this day, we remember the deaths of the hearts of 1.2 billion Muslims Worldwide who are blind to the above, but awake to a few people killed on 11 September 2001.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

First of all, my apologies for being away for so long, my first blog on site, bored many, some did enjoy, anyways thanx guys for at least reading it......Reason me took so long to blog, was because me very busy, with my job hunt and etc....Etc......meaning, eating like a cow day and night....but sad to say, one of our usual supper spot at Jurong East, The Indian Stall, was raided today at midnight by local authorities, for the two mamaks were illegal immigrants, but whatever they were, they were harmless and they served their customers well.

U guys muz be wondering why my heading is such and what the hell am i still blabbering bout.......Well, my blogger frens and bros.........yesterday the 01st of October 2002, was the day where i lost a fren/bro who was with me for 12 years. I found out yesterday that he is really a bastard and so is his bitch.....the ever arrogant daughter of a lamp post. I dunno actually what she feeds him with or what they both feed on.....they both are fuckin idiots with a stinkin' attitude....i wish they don't pollute the sewerage.....and I wonder whether that bitch has periods as normal women.....or maybe she is not even a woman....... They both think with shit on their head.....or maybe there is always a sudden rush of shit thru their brains. Seriously talkin bout them makes me sick and thats it, fuck them both, may they fuck in hell and may hell fuck them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye mates, Blog u sometime soon.......Me gettin out of here.............Take Care!!!!!!!!!!!!