Monday, October 07, 2002

"Stop Eating Chillie, said The Deer To The Monkey."
Many of us like to eat hot and spicy stuff, some of us have the habit of making sure there is something spicy to bite on while dining....Too much of chillie may make u pay and get urself warded for a couple of weeks and also cause a scar in ur stomache, a scar that is uglier than a 80 year old woman's butt crack(as if I saw one)...but to a fren he thinks his scar is a sign of ass. This incident happened a couple of times to a close fren of mine......He actually swallows chillies as though there aren't any other dishes worth swallowing during meals...Poor fren but he's stubborn as a mule, quite surprising for a man of his calibre.....and also maybe he can afford paying those hospital bills. This 'Fren' of mine is 'jazz' like the monkey in the cartoon in RTM(TV Channel). While his frens n family advise him not to eat chillie, he still carries on but in the end he sets his mouth and butt on fire....and comes home with another scar...and he actually enjoys tubes being inserted in his wee wee....ooohh ouch!